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Levitating Top in a Smoke Bubble

"This is a Levitron. It's a top that floats due to magnetism and gyroscopic stability. The wooden base contains a large ring shaped magnet that repels the top which is a small ring shaped magnet. The spinning top creates a gyroscopic effect that prevents it from flipping over in the large magnets field. The tray and hoop are items I made. The fog comes from an electronic cigarette (E-cig) that I modified to create fog with pure glycerin. For licensing/usage, email" (youtube)

Snow Murals in the Mountains

WOW, but really WOW!
"Simon Beck specializes in making ornate snow murals with just his snowshoes. The murals take at least an entire day to complete, and in order to really see them you have to take to the skies. Buckle in." (youtube)

Make an invisible bottle

"Make a bottle disappear before your very eyes. Super easy experiment with amazing results!" (youtube)

After Sunset - Modern Laser Art

"This video was taken on site at LasX Industries Inc. in December 2014 on a specially designed laser art system." (youtube)